Meet the Photographer

Thank you for visiting my page.  My name is Melda Jean.  I am a proud mother of a bright, athletic son and married to an amazing man.  Coming from a family of photographers, with two uncles snapping so many family moments, my knowledge of photography began when I was very young.   My inspiration continued when I was on the yearbook staff in high school.  I have always felt that photographs are not just for the present moment in time but more for the future moments with your children and grandchildren flipping through photo books retelling the story of the past as my parents did with me.  It's this experience that as a traveling photographer is an honor to tell these stories through MY lens. 

About me


One of my passions in life is photography, my inspiration comes from clients I work with, from candid moments of the smiles and laughter at weddings & quinceañeras to fun loving  family portraits or senior pics with that "just right look".  I enjoyed creating images that reflect distinct personality.  As a photographer, I focus on the small details of each celebration and make each image special.  It's a wonderful opportunity  to be able to capture my vision for my clients that will last a lifetime.